We once wondered...

Is it possible to raise balanced, happy kids with today's technologies?

It all began when our oldest son started asking for a phone.

A bit of online research left us frustrated... SO much fear-based information, so little hope! There was something missing: with all of the important talk about filters and monitoring, very little was being said about the convincing of children's hearts to want to be wise for their own happiness.

We began work on a sort of "driver's ed" for the smartphone; required training for our kids before phone ownership. Its impact upon them was extraordinary.

Overwhelming word-of-mouth interest has brought the powerful Internal Filter® Workshop online.

The heart of our message? That heroic parents can nurture the Internal Filter® of their children, preparing them to be brilliant, balanced technology users.

We're so glad you're here!

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On TV...

Our stint on "Family Rules" of BYU TV!

If you'd like a peek at how our family lives with tech, here's a fun segment with some new ideas!

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In the News

Learn more about our refreshing approach to digital parenting via this feature article on KSL News!

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